Please read: To keep from going back to our website, to look at our catalgoues and waiting for them to download, follow these easy instructions.

  1. Select the catalogue you would like to browse.
  2. After the catalogue has downloaded to your computer.
  3. Press & hold, the CTRL key, SHIFT key, and letter "S", for Save As or select from your browser, under FILE, and scroll down to Save As.
  4. For those who own an Apple, press & hold COMMAND key, SHIFT key, and press the letter S key.
  5. When the screen comes up to select where you want to save, select Desktop or any folder you would like to save the catalogue in.
  6. All of our catalogues are in *.PDF format, readable by Acrobat Reader. We have chosen Version 5, which is an older version of Acrobat Reader. Most should have at least that version.
  7. This way, you can go and look at the catalogue, at your leasure.
  8. Thank you for spending time at B Line Designs, website.

About Printing:

  1. If you print our catalogues from the *.PDF format, that you have saved on your computer, all the pages & images will print to actual size.
  2. But, you have to have, the *.PDF saved on your computer to do this. IF you try and print from the Browser, you are viewing our website with, you will not get actual image sizes.
  3. EXAMPLE: Using Acrobat Reader, to open one of our catalogues, you have saved to your computer, and you find an image and it is on the screen, CTRL and P or (FILE, select PRINT), then select the radio button, next to CURRENT PAGE.
  4. When you do this, you will get the page, with the image on it and that print will be the actual size.
  5. Again, YOU CAN NOT PRINT FROM YOUR BROWSER WINDOW, only from the *.PDF, you have saved on your computer.
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